Guest Blog Post: Being Black Looking Good While Chronically Ill

Wrote this for Disability Visibility Project

Disability Visibility Project


Being Black Looking Good While Chronically Ill

By Rachel Lovejoy

Quit my job in Chicago, my hometown and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was a single, African American woman pushing 30 and I came north in 1997 ‘husband-hunting’. Snared my (first) husband in 1998 and he married a migraineur. “Honey, I’ve a headache,” was said on the regular. Poor guy. On Easter Sunday, April 4, 1999 as I headed to our basement, my right side went numb and I fell down the stairs. My right cheek, arm and leg were weak. I was held for a day and released. I miscarried that summer. My headaches never stopped. It exhausted me. My General Practitioner and neurologist sent me to a mental health pill pusher. They ALL wanted me to take ‘em and, ‘buck-up girlie, you’re still fertile.’ Wink.

Yeah, my GP and shrink winked, as if to say, ‘we…

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